Hippies and Hipsters and Artists…Oh my

by Dana Sitar

(I apologize for the cliche; I couldn’t help myself.)


Today is a day to relax, gather thoughts, and feed my soul a little bit. I made it through my to-do list with satisfying efficiency yesterday, and I am ahead of the game today. My scattered brain is calm for a moment, and I’m going to take advantage of it. Today, I am going to read, that little-appreciated task that is so vital to being a writer, the little pieces of art that are so essential to maintaining my sanity.

It’s Anais Nin, I think, that has restored me. Last night, I finally cracked open the copy of Anais that I picked up in Boston back in January, and her words and the analysis of her mind contained in the book instantly soothed my soul, and reminded me just how much I want to devour every word the woman ever wrote.

Another new open mic last night! We found the Starry Plough Open Mic just a few blocks from us in Berkeley, a hipster-bizarre show of almost fifty musicians and a few comics that goes until close, in a totally packed Irish Pub with a Berkeley-in-the-Sixties spirit. The tables filled up immediately, and those who came in after nine o’clock just sat on the floor in front of the stage. I haven’t seen a live music performance in months, and it was refreshing to be surrounded by weird indie artists and hipsters of all ages. It’s been a while.

Shout out: The first performers of the night were the band Will Crum, who are doing a guerrilla rock show every day for a year in the Bay Area. Check out videos of their performances on their YouTube channel; grassroots at its best!


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