31DBBB | Day 25: Ask a Question

by Dana Sitar

Invite your readers to speak.

On Day 25, ProBlogger offers ten reasons to ask your readers questions, as well as twelve tips on how to do it. The reasoning boils down, again, to creating a sense of community with your readers. Asking them a question makes them feel included; contributing to your blog by answering the question makes them care a little more about it; gaining their feedback helps you better direct your blog and your post ideas. Posing a question to your readers is one more way to fuel conversation and perpetuate the community that your blog hopes to create.

Asking a question at the end of a blog post is one great way to generate comments, but creating a post whose sole purpose is the question leaves your readers little choice. When the post pops up in their feed or their inbox, they read the question that is prominent to the post, their mind will form an answer. If you can form a question relevant and intriguing enough, they’ll be likely to share their answer with you.

Please take a minute to stop over at my question, Would you write for free?, and share your thoughts with me!

Examples of good question posts:

>Day 25: Ask a Question

>31 Days to Build a Better Blog

How’s your day going?

  • What question are you asking your readers?
  • Do you see an increase in comments with this post?
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